Experience with the use of Hondrogel

My experience with the use of Hondrogel when damage to the knee joint

Hi all! Name me an Album. Today decided to share an unpleasant history, which became my seventeen son Archie, and leave feedback about the vehicle, which helped him to better. We live with him in Barcelona. Son studying at the university and at the same time dreams of becoming a football player. Since childhood is fascinated by jogging, participates in marathons on the run and road, regularly visits the section of professional football. Three months back, accidentally falling round, heavily injured right leg.

Effective gel for the restoration of the joints Hondrogel - experience with the use of

In the hospital after examination by a specialist to get to the conclusion: "a Complete lateral dislocation of the patella". Surgeon-trauma designated treatment, recommended medications, including a further means for external use. A special gel in the bag for the joints Hondrogel. Said, that this gel is made on an innovative formula, the Latvian pharmaceutical company, which not only ease, but also helps to speed up the recovery process of the joint, to prevent complications and the development of infection.

So, I will say that it is a means, where he bought and at what price, how to use and the outcome of the application.

Hondrogel - restoration of the joints and analgesia

First find out what that means, honor consumer reviews. Found out the following. Hondrogel - universal gel for joints, muscles and tendons, it is designed for instant relief of pain, how to get rid of the swelling, restore the damaged joint, the destruction of the infection and eliminate the inflammation. It is used in various diseases of the joints (arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, etc.), when the stretching of the tendons, the tension in the muscles. Celebrate the high efficiency in case of injuries (fractures, sprains). Course application the gel promotes regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue.

In the composition of collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural ingredients, known throughout the world for its powerful properties for the recovery of the joints. Arnica montana, devil's root, essential oils of mint and eucalyptus, shark fat.

Where can I buy and at what price, how to use

It turned out that at us in the country Hondrogel it is not on sale and can be ordered only through the official website. Now I made an order for six packages. Managed a decent save thanks to stock -50%. They got the son of the land is already through three days at the post office near the house.

Application gel for restoration of joints and relief from pain Hondrogel - before and after

Enjoy gel easily, like any cream. Conveniently applied, quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy traces on the skin. Massage movements rubbed in the area of the knee with dislocation of the. Every morning and evening during the month. On the recommendation of the doctor repeated the same course over two weeks.

Result of use and our opinion about the vehicle

The Gel instantly relieve. The allergy was not. Over a week is gone and swelling. Month examination by a doctor and x-rays have shown a significant improvement. Passed inflammation. Last week they were doing the last scans and x-rays. Patella stood on the place. No infection was found. Positive results. For three months the son had fully recovered after the injury.

I made the conclusion that Hondrogel really effective. The quality matches the price. I recommend. I hope that my feedback will be useful and many help in the solution of problems with joints.

To guest connect original photo of the gel and photo dislocation of the patella before and after treatment.