Restoration of the joints and analgesia

Gel in sachet Hondrogel in Miskolts

Gel in sachet Hondrogel
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Hondrogel - restoration of the joints and analgesia is available to everyone

There is a discount of 50%. Price regardless of the stocks - Ft 9900. How to make order:

  1. Fill out the form on the website phone number and name into the empty fields of the form on-line booking
  2. During the 20 minutes You call the manager during the nearest time for consultation on the order and processing the request for delivery to your address confirming the order
  3. Get land is possible by means of delivery to the nearest to You mail.

Daily - Hungary. Orders via the official site, no pre-payment. You will be able to get the delivery from the courier or pick up at the post office.

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How to buy in Miskolts Hondrogel

Hondrogel - means for struggle with diseases of the joints. Form of release - a gel in the bag. One package is designed for a five-day course of therapy, or on a ten-day course of prevention. In more advanced cases it is necessary to increase the duration of use of the gel up to two times and more. The innovative formula of gel made from natural ingredients does not cause adverse reactions.

Please note! Beware of imitations. The original gel cost Ft 9900 and order from Hungary, with delivery to the city (Miskolts) is possible only through the official website.

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The initial cost hondrogel Ft 9900. Only today a DISCOUNT of -50% (valid for the whole country - Hungary). On the website fill in Your details in the order form shall indicate the name and contact phone number, we update the order details over the phone. Then, what you get and pay through 2-14 days at the post office in Miskolts. The cost to send a parcel by courier to Your specified address may vary depending on the city, is carried out within a week after ordering. You pay for the order until after the delivery - payment in advance is not necessary.

Consumers confirm effective restoration of the joints and numb using a gel Hondrogel. Try it and You!

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Reviews about Hondrogel in Miskolts

  • Boglárka
    Hondrogel prescribed by a doctor as preventing the development of diseases of the arthrosis. She complained of a pain in the right knee joint. Used the gel every night for 10 days. The result satisfied. The pain completely forgotten, I don't feel the previous discomfort. On the recommendation of a doctor regularly use gel for the prevention.
  • Gergõ
    Buying satisfied. The operator politely advised, he said, how to use gel. Shipping got and about three days later. Hondrogel used as additional means in the treatment of bursitis. Ten days, morning and evening. Now I feel old pain, through the swelling. Yesterday was on reception at the doctor, he confirmed my condition.